PRESS – Latrice Folkes

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Latrice Folkes is a vivacious guest who challenges audiences to consider new perspectives in health and business.

Audiences appreciate her warm inviting keep it real persona as she tackles some of the largest issues in health and business. She breaks them into simple yummy tidbits that compels her audience to embrace WHOLE Vibrant living in their life and business.

Latrice is available for interviews, profiles and expert commentary. She can be reached directly at latrice at latricefolkes dot com.

Some topics she can cover include:

  • Whole plant based living
  • Recovering from body burnout
  • Self care is the new sexy
  • Plan your daily HRS: Habits, Rituals and Systems for a successful life and business
  • Balanced Boss: Finding your balance in life and business


Latrice Folkes has over 20 years of experience in Holistic Living, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development as a plant based chef, author, restaurateur and online business owner. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with keep it real, simplistic advice. She helps women that want it all without the exhaustion of having it all, setup freedom based businesses and embrace whole vibrant balanced living, while loving themselves more each day. Her vivacious dishes, recipes and advice have been featured on NBC, THE CW, along with other magazines and news outlets.


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