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Hi, I'm Latrice Folkes and I help women create a thriving business with freedom and balance, while loving themselves more.


My ultimate goal is to help you create and grow a freedom based business of your dreams, while taking excellent care of yourself, and spending more time with the people you love. Resulting in more Wealth, Health and Optimized Living Everyday.

I know you want...


Remove your money blocks, create an action plan and a freedom based business you love.


Create a self care plan for a healthier mindset, emotional state, body and relationship with others.


Create systems, rituals and habits that will increase the flow and ease of your life for more optimized living.

Because I do... and in life and business, you usually attract to yourself who you are. With that being said I tend to attract healers, nurturers, empaths and also multi-passionate, multi-talented women solopreneurs that are managing multiple roles.

We usually have way too much going on, we give more than we have to give to other people and are more likely to burnout. Why??? Because we don't know how to set boundaries for ourselves. Also, we may be all over the place because we love freedom, have a lot of ideas, are highly creative and very good at "winging" it (or so we think, lol). Do any of these things sound like you?

​Don't Worry there's hope! Read my story to see where my WHOLE journey took me and how I now use those experiences to help other women like me.

My Story

​In January of 2015, I reached one of the lowest points I had ever been. I was totally burnt out financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt it coming but, I kept telling myself; "I'm okay, I'll get around to taking better care of myself, but right now other people depend on me and need me to be strong. I'll slow down after I make a little more money. I'll get on track after so and so event. If I work harder eventually everything will fall into place." or whatever excuses I gave at the time not to take care of myself and create better systems in that moment. 

In the end I winded up closing my business, losing a pregnancy, and finding out I had stage 3 pre-cervical cancer. I was devastated, it was part ego and disappointment in myself. How could I let this get so far, I know better.  I was forced to slow down and re-evaluate how I run my business and my life. To truly heal, I had some forgiveness work and introspecting to do. I learned some very difficult lessons during that time, honestly I'm still recovering and rebuilding. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this experience grew my like none other and it gave me a lot of wisdom nuggets to share.

What I learned from my burnout experience: 1) I needed to do some forgiveness and mindset work on what was next for me, so I could get more clarity, set goals and get rid of limiting beliefs holding me back from success and exchange them for new empowering ones. 2) I needed  to  come up with a clear action plan to reach my new set of goals. 3) I had to clear all unnecessary clutter in my life and business to make room for success. 4) I learned it's important for me to set up Daily HRS™ [habits, rituals and systems] for my life and biz. I needed to include systems for self care, organization (both home and business), and systems to make consistent profit in my business.

The experience forced me to do some deep soul searching and made me map out a new way of doing things. I knew I had to operate with more balance to prevent that from ever happening again. These lessons birthed two new passion projects, Whole Sista and Whole U Life & Biz School, which is a journey to WHOLE-ness, more Wealth, Health, & Optimized Living Everyday.

I switched to a mostly online business model, so that I could have more freedom, control of my time and make my business more scalable. I implemented more systems for self care and organization in my home and business. Most importantly I made myself a priority, while also being able to serve my family, my clients, and community. These are the things you will learn about on my blog Whole Sista and in my courses and programs in Whole U School.

My Accomplisments

::  I’ve got has over 20 years of experience in Holistic Living, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development as a plant based chef, author, restaurateur and online business owner.

::  I’m the founder of Lifeit LLC, a company dedicated to assisting people in changing their diet into a lifeit.

::  I’m the creator of Whole U Life & Biz School, an online membership site to help women create freedom based businesses without sacrificing their self, health, or the people they love. 

::  I'm a website designer that help people create Simple Sites That Sell.

::  I’ve been featured on NBC, THE CW, along with other magazines and news outlets.

::  I’ve owned several restaurants that specialized in plant based and raw food cuisine, Lifeit Cafe in Greenville, SC (twice, a 5 year break in between restaurants) and I was also a part owner and operator of a health food store and Raw Foods Deli in Atlanta, GA.

::  Having worked with many celebrity clients as well as receiving rave reviews from food critics and fans, I’m known for “making healthy food taste good”.

When I’m not empowering others to live more vibrantly and deliciously or creating irresistible products and classes to help you create a freedom based business you love. You can find me being amazed by my two genius hip daughters, geeking out on tech stuff, or creating/eating delectable vegan vittles.

I also love making funny old school faces while dancing to ole’ school hip hop and disco. You can also find me embracing my Jamaican roots (born Jamerican, okay just my father is Jamaican) and ‘whining’ up in the privacy of my own living room to my favorite reggae tunes.

If you’re craving to know more, here are 10 things you don’t know about me…

  • I’m very tall, and after 40 years I’m just finding out from a recent doctor's visit, that I’m 6’0 and not 6’2. I have to admit that I’m a little salty. I think I lost a part of my identity when I found out. (Am I too young to start shrinking?)
  • When I was a little girl my mother called me Linky Lala Legs…yup and I’m still all legs.
  • I’m from New York, but I grew up in both New York and South Carolina. Which was the best of both worlds, but it sometimes makes my speech kinda odd. I may start a sentence with a Southern drawl and end it with a thick New York accent. (Confusion?)
  • I lived in Israel for 5 years and both of my children were born there. I can still speak a little Hebrew…Shalom. Don’t ask, I’m a bit of a free spirit and I have had many adventures, I need to write a juicy tell all novel about my life.
  • Chemistry was my favorite subject in high school and I went on to earn a Chemistry Degree. I also got accepted to Pharmacy School, but then I got all ‘natural and stuff’ and dropped out right before classes started.
  • I’m a beauty school dropout but I can still whip up a fly do.
  • I’ve come to the realization that I’m a Dabbler, I love different experiences and people. I don’t like to be put in a box and I get bored pretty easily, so variety is the spice of my life.
  • I'm definitely a little "woo-woo" and have a slight obsession with astrology and numerology. I love guessing people’s signs based on their personalities and actions. It’s so interesting to me.
  • I’ve owned an online ecofriendly sex toy shop, hmmm…another story for another time, maybe my juicy tell all novel.
  • I’m the person that when playing board games with friends that you have to guess the answers...I’m the one that always yells out dirty answers. Unfortunately they’re the first things that come to my mind.

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